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The Camrea Cricket Club was first formed in 1931. It is one of Jika's longest serving clubs. H.P.Zwar Park has been maintained as our home base for more than 50 years now.
The club's first taste of premiership success came in 1942/43, with our second premiership in 1965. Camrea had always been considered more a social club than a serious cricket club for most of its years. However the last 20 years has seen the club make every effort to eliminate that 'tag' by focusing heavily on making Camrea a more revered and respected cricket club.
Our 1st X1 side, which had been languishing between B & C Grades for many years broke through in 1991 to win the B Grade 'flag' and take the club into A Grade once again. This time however, unlike the failures of the past in A Grade, the club was determined to establish itself and succeed in the association's highest level.
It took only two seasons before the club was playing off for the A Grade Premiership, with what was the best side we had ever seen at Camrea. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be, and the club had to wait until 1997/98 to win its inaugural A Grade Premiership. It was undoubtedly the greatest highlight in the club's history. Not only had we won the coveted prize, but in the process had achieved our ultimate goal. The club had earned the respect and adulation of many in the association.
The past decade has seen the club now win 3 A Grade premierships (1997/98, 1999/2000 & 2001-2002), a B Grade premiership (1st X1 1990/91), a C Grade & B Grade Premiership (2nd X1 1999/2000 & 2000/2001) and a D Grade Premiership (3rd X1 1996/97). Our individual champions have also been recognised.
Camrea has supplied 6 of the past 10 Jika Medalists also. Alex Jesensek in 1993/94, and in 2002/03. Danny Pougios in 2000/01, and Grant Turnbull, three times, (the only player in history to win the award three times) in 1997/98 & 1998/99, and in 2003/04.
This in itself has been a reflection of the level of quality players Camrea has been able to attract over these years. As the club moves forward, there is one continued goal.
To maintain our level of competitiveness on the field, as well as providing the atmosphere that will continue to attract the type of players and members that will see Camrea continue in it's role as one of Jika's leading clubs.
On the first Saturday afternoon in October some 47 years ago, (i.e. 1957), in a tin shed located in. H.P.Zwar Park, a 13-year old boy witnessed the Captain of the Camrea Cricket Club 2nd XI step up onto an old tree stump in the middle of the shed, and then heard him mention his name as having been great in the field in the 2nd XI side that had played at home that day.

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